Friday, December 31, 2010

Flower and Butterfly Tattoos Combination

Flower and Butterfly Tattoos CombinationFlower and butterfly tattoos work well together. If you could only stand for one thing, what would it be? Your tattoo is a reflection of your thoughts and your beliefs. To come up with a tattoo that is uniquely you, you want to ask yourself, if I could pick only one symbol to express myself what would it be. If you can't come up with just one, that's fine, you may find that you're a blend of a couple different symbols because you have a blend of a couple different personalities. Let your tattoo express that. You can combine different tattoos to come up with your true expression.

There are two elements in nature that are used to express a lot of different meanings through tattoos - flowers and butterflies.

Flower and Butterfly Tattoos CombinationThere is an enormous choice of flower tattoo designs available. Flower tattoos are very flexible. Not only are there hundreds of different flowers but each has a symbolic meaning which can give you a number of ways to show your true self to the world. If you combine two different flowers together, you are not only mixing different colors but different symbols to capture a unique feeling. Do a little research on the meaning of flowers so you can be sure of the statement you are making to the world with your tattoo.

Butterfly tattoos can symbolize so many things. Everyone knows how a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly, only to live for a short time. A butterfly tattoo can symbolize a new beginning or embarking on a new adventure. It can also express the fragility of life.

Flower and Butterfly Tattoos CombinationYou can add two different flowers together or two different butterflies and have a great tattoo. But when you add a flower and a butterfly together, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. Not much is prettier than a picture of a butterfly about to land and taste the sweet nectar of a flower.

Women with beautiful tattoos are often considered to be more confident, more feminine and more attractive. It is hard to find a more sensual being than a woman with a flower and butterfly tattoo placed just so you can see it on the shoulder, lower back or ankle.