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Sun Tattoo Designs

tribal sun tattoo design
Tribal sun tattoo design

Today, one of the more popular tattoo designs being adorned by both men and women is the sun tattoo.  Throughout the centuries significant meaning has developed in various cultures, yet the basic symbolism of the sun remains fairly clear, the sun is the giver of life (well OK, so are females, but we’ll skip that debate).  Without the sun, all living things would perish.  The sun is a timeless choice for a tattoo design as you can have a traditional as well as a modern design depicting the sun.
The design here depicts both modern artistry in the form of coloring as well as the traditional tribal sun tattoo design.

tribal sun tattoo design
Tribal sun tattoo design flash
One of the most important meanings of the sun is that it symbolizes eternal renewal and stands for truth and light.  In addition to truth and light the sun design also has these meanings:  vitality, vigor, power, force, leadership, dignity, courage, creativity, knowledge, and selfhood.

The tribal flash design shown her is easily adaptable to a custom pattern.  I have heard of folks inking the names of their children on each of the flame projectiles that the sun gives off.  Obviously, this design would have to be modified to accommodate the number of children being celebrated.

tribal sun tattoo design
Traditional tribal sun tattoo design

The most common symbol of the tribal sun is as shown above; a circle with the sun's rays emerging from the core. The tribal sun tattoo usually incorporates the swirls and clean lines of the tribal tattoo design with the recognizable mark of the sun. The tribal sun design with a human face in the middle is believed to provide protection from the dangerous or negative aspects of life. Another notable meaning of the sun tattoo is that as the sun sets and rises every day it represents rebirth or reincarnation, indicative of immortality.
sun moon tattoo design

From the time of our ancestors. the sun is a revered symbol and combined with the moon and the stars, the sun embodies the absolute source of power given that it gives life and energy to all living beings on the planet. 
All cultures of this Earth have their own interpretations of the sun's magnificent power.

tribal sun tattoo design for women
Ankle sun tattoo design

Below is a video of a fellow having a tribal sun tattoo design completed.  What I like about this video is the professionalism shown by the artist out of an "office." My girlfriend had her's done out of an office as well, and of course the same professional precautions were strictly in place.  Be certain that all sterile and hygienic practices are being utilized by your artist.

tribal sun tattoo design
Sun face tattoo design

tribal sun tattoo design
Tribal sun face tattoo design

tribal sun tattoo design flash
Sun tattoo design with stars surrounding the moon

Think Before You Ink!

tribal sun tattoo design
Sun/moon tattoo design

The sun and the moon pairing is often considered as the sexual and spiritual union of a male and female.  The sun is more noted as a masculine design and the sun and moon more feminine symbols, therefore you will often see the sun paired with the moon or the earth.

tribal sun tattoo design
Sun/moon/stars tattoo design

tribal sun tattoo design
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tribal sun tattoo design
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celtic sun tattoo design

Here is a Celtic sun tattoo design. I am kind of partial to Celtic symbolism and tradition, due to my familial background.

The never ending knotwork of Celtic tattoo designs symbolize the continuum of life, as does the sun, which is the sustaining force propelling all life forms.

This gentleman gave quite a bit of thought into this tattoo.  The artist who inked it was, indeed, very skilled.  One of the difficult aspects of inking knotwork Celtic tattoos is that the artist needs to maintain a certain amount of space between the lines of the knotwork while maintaining the width of the bands.  This can be difficult if it is a smaller design, yet the artist must stay consistent. 
celtic sun tattoo design
Celtic tattoo design

I put this image here to elaborate on the skill it takes to ink Celtic tattoos.  This Celtic design looks to be very poorly done.  Notice the differences in the width of the strands.  Also notice that the strands are unconnected, yet the intent was there.  Compare this image to the one above and you can see the difference in the tattooist's skill.  There are ragged lines on the outer perimiter of this tattoo which a seasoned artist would not tolerate, let alone put on someone's skin forever.

Knowledge is power. Take the time to research the tattoo design you may be considering.  Make sure you are satisfied. and again, do your research in all areas prior to getting inked; design, artist, hygiene, etc.