Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sexy Ankle Tattoo Designs For Women

sexy lily ankle tattoo design
sexy ankle dragon lily tattoo design

The ankle is a very delicate, feminine area on a woman and therefore very sexy.  Having an ankle tattoo design is very alluring, yet subtle and very beautiful.

The beautiful tattoo pictured here is a wonderful indication of someone inking a tattoo design that has special meaning such as a particular fondess for a specific type of flower, in this case the orange dragon lily, also known as the daylily.

butterfly ankle tattoo designs
ankle butterfly tattoo design

Butterfly tattoo designs are very popular and really look quite nice as an ankle tattoo.  There are hundreds of species of butterflies so the selection of the butterfly tattoo leaves many options.

The butterfly design here is very well done and noticeably attractive.

sexy ankle tattoo design
rose-ivy anklet tattoo design

One of the benefits of  a sexy ankle tattoo design is that it can easily be concealed with socks or pants when it may seem appropriate to conceal your artwork.

The design shown here of the rose-ivy encircling the entire ankle is also known as an anklet.  These sexy designs are very popular and extremely attractive looking.

rosary ankle tattoo design
rosary ankle tattoo design

This design lately has become more popular among women who wish to remember their faith.

Nicole Richie is noted for adorning this style of rosary tattoo design.

sexy ankle tattoo design
ankle rose vine tattoo

I couldn't leave this photo out because I like the design so well. I think it has the potential to become a really elegant piece. The tattoo placement is excellent and the overall impression of this design is one that is clearly sexy.

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sexy ankle tattoo design
sexy look..what's to say?

tribal sun tattoo design
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sexy ankle tattoo design

tribal tattoo design
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flower ankle tattoo design
sexy flower tattoo design

flower ankle tattoo design

dolphin ankle tattoo design
dolphin ankle tattoo design

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