Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monkey Tattoos

Monkey Tattoos
Monkey Tattoos
A monkey character for your tattoo design?

Playfulness. This is what monkeys are popular for. But, let's not forget that wit is also one of the monkey's well known traits. So, what better tattoo designs to reflect your personality than that of monkey tattoos?

Monkey TattoosMostly the designs used for monkey tattoos are the many folkloric tales that monkeys starred in. One example of the monkey character from these great tales is from the Indian art called Hanuman the Monkey, which is an incarnation of Shiva - a Hindu god. Bravery, loyalty and devotion are among the distinct qualities of Shiva, the symbol of man and beast. A sample idea for a tattoo design is the monkey god chasing a flying sun.

Chinese monkey tattoos is yet another popular design depicting the animal as a god. There are actually several depictions for these Chinese monkeys reflecting different stories. Monkey designs may feature designs of woodblock-type image, or a simple kanji script reflecting the animal's 9th zodiac sign of the Chinese.

During the ancient times in Japan, monkeys were considered as messengers of the gods and symbolize harmonious marriage, fertility and safe child birth.

Monkey TattoosMonkey tattoos mostly illustrate the animal from their cute and charming images to caricatures. The usual features of monkey designs used are the small round head and stout images.

The human-like features of monkeys are what make it appealing for monkey tattoo designs where you can create a variety of images that could reflect our own personality in a funny way. They can even be illustrated doing actual things that people do such as reading, playing video games or dancing.