Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cat Tattoo Ideas for Women

Cat Tattoo Ideas for WomenFor more than 5,000 years, humans have used tattoos to mark their bodies with symbols of importance signs of status, religious devotion, love and punishment. If you're a modern-day cat lover, you can carry on the tradition. Indulge your feline fixation by having your skin permanently inked with cat tattoo designs.

Cat Tattoo Ideas for WomenThe most obvious cat tattoo idea is getting a tattoo of the animal itself. Women who want something sweet and dainty might pick a curled-up house cat tattoo. For women who want sexy and sultry look, a sleek black panther is a good choice. Men can go big with a lion or other ferocious feline. If you do choose to get a cat inked onto your skin, be sure to pick a tattoo location, type of cat and pose that suits your personality.