Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Striking Celtic Tattoo Designs

celtic cross
Celtic cross w/intricate knotwork

Here is a really intricate Celtic cross design idea depicting the never ending knotwork.  This artwork is just incredible and I can only imagine how many sittings it took the artist ink this tattoo.  It takes a very experienced tattoo artist with a tremendous eye for detail to ink Celtic knotwork.

Celtic designs are very rich in history and folklore.  The early Celts didn't write anything down, therefore, much of their history up to a point was passed along orally through the generations. Many Celtic designs you see today have their roots in the Book of Kells,
which was created by Celtic monks ca. 800 or slightly earlier.

wolf tattoo design
Celtic zoomorphic wolf tattoo design
The original manuscript consisted of the four gospels of the New Testament along with various texts and tables.  The illustrations and other ornamentation surpass that of other Insular Gospel volumes in extravagance and complexity.  Figures of humans, animals, and mythical beasts, along with Celtic knots and interwoven patterns in vibrant colors grace the Book of Kells pages.

Pictured here you see the continuous knotwork ending with the body and head of a wolf.  If you will notice the wolf has the strand in his mouth not breaking the never ending weave.  Very cool design.

Thistle is the national emblem of Scotland and it is said that just one thistle saved an entire Scottish army.  During the Vikings invasion of Scotland, an enemy warrior stepped on a thistle and cried out in pain, waking the sleeping Scotsmen.

celtic knot tattoo design
Celtic knotwork tattoo design

Pictured at right here is another example of the intricate interwoven knotwork prevelant in Celtic tattoo design artistry.

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