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Sexy Flower Tattoo Designs

flower tattoo designs
sexy lily flower tattoo design
Flower tattoo designs are not only beautiful and very feminine, often times they have significant meaning. Flowers and their meanings have long been the topic of conversation since the human race became the human race.

Flower symbolism is without end and can range anywhere from life and all its glory to dire warnings of things to come.

This lily flower tattoo design is very well done by a talented artist.
Lillies are the flowers of the spiritually advanced, as well as being representative of unions (marriages), fertility, and long lasting unity.

rose flower tattoo designs
sexy back rose tattoo design

The rose tattoo design shown to the right here is highly personal as you can see.

Roses of different colors have different symbolism, however, as a whole, roses are symbolic of deep love and affection, intelligence and balance.  With this level of symbolism it is no wonder that a rose is presented as symbol of....

I had to stop there because the symbolism of the rose tattoo shown has quite a message. "Love is much like a wild rose, beautiful and calm but willing to draw blood in its defense."  I assert that this is a very powerful statement.

I think this design was extremely well done.  It is a very sexy, very beautiful, and a very meaningful tattoo design.

foot flower tattoo designs
sexy foot flower tattoo design

flower tattoo designs
thigh lily tattoo design
This lily design is really quite extraordinarily done.

I would highly recommend the stencil and the tattoo artist who inked this beautiful artwork.

That reminds me. Be sure that your artist has a good reputation and ask to see his/her portfolio before getting inked.

Also, ask for your design to be customized to your tastes.

flower tattoo designs
sexy foot lily tattoo design

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flower tattoo designs
very nice flower tattoo design artwork
Flower Tattoo Design Meanings:

Acacia - friendship and secret love
Agapanthus - immortality
Alstroemeria - devotion, wealth, or prosperity
Alyssum - beauty
Amaryllis - ride and beauty
Anemone - fragility
Apple Blossom - promise
Aster - Love (Believed to have healing properties)
Azalea - Passion and temperance
Baby's Breath - Innocence
Bachelor Button - Celibacy and blessedness
Bamboo - Virtue, grace, and strength
Bauhinia - Harmony
Begonia - Caution
Bell of Ireland - good luck
Bird of Paradise - Freedom and faithfulness
Bittersweet - humility
Black-Eyed Susan - encouragement
Bluebell - gratitude and humility
Buttercup - childishness and tidiness
flower tattoo designs
sexy ankle tattoo design
Cactus Flower - endurance and eternal love
Cattail - peace prosperity
Calendula - sorrow and despair
Calla Lily - extraordinary beauty
Camellia - admiration or good luck
Carnation - joy and devoted love
Cattail - peace and prosperity
Chamomile - energy in action
Cherry Blossom - feminine beauty
flower tattoo designs
cherry blossom tattoo design
Christmas Rose - the baby Jesus
Chrysanthemum - abundance and wealth
Crocus - happiness and cheerfulness
Cyclamen - parting or resignation
Daffodil - unrequited love
Dahlia - dignity and elegance
Daisy - Beauty, patience and innocence
Dandelion - love, desire, and happiness
Day Lily - ease of mind and devotion
Delphinium - fun and lightness
Edelweiss - courage and purity
Fern - fascination or secret bond
Forget-Me-Not - true love and remembrance
Foxglove - youth
Frangipani - protection
Freesia - spirited
Fuchsia - love
Gardenia - secret love and purity
Geranium - true friendship
Gladiolus - strength and splendid beauty
flower tattoo designs
nice color in this flower tattoo design
Globe Amaranth - everlasting love
Gloxinia - love at first sight
Heather - peace and solitude
Hibiscus - delicate beauty
Holly - happiness at home
Honeysuckle - the bond of love
Huckleberry - simple pleasures
Hyacinth - playful joy
Hydrangea - perseverance
Impatiens - motherly love
Iris - faith, hope, and wisdom
Ivey - fidelity and friendship
Jasmine - sensuality, elegance, and grace
Jonquil - love me or desire
Lady's Mantle - the cloak of the blessed virgin
Larkspur - beautiful spirit
Lilac - youthful innocence and pride
Lily - the holy trinity, faith, and wisdom
flower tattoo designs
full back flower tattoo design
Lotus - estranged love and forgetfulness
Lupine - imagination
Magnolia - love of nature and nobility
Marigold - golden gifts
Marjoram - joy and happiness
Mimosa - sensitivity
Morning Glory - affection
Moss - maternal love
Narcissus - vanity
Nasturtium - conquest
Oleander - beauty and grace
Orange Blossom - eternal love and fruitfulness
Orange Mock - deceit
Orchid - love and beauty
Pansy - merriment
Palm Leaves - victory
Peony - compassion and bashfulness
Petunia -soothing presence
Pine - hope
Poinsettia - purity and Christmas
Poppy - magic, fertility, and eternal life

Think Before You Ink!

Pussy Willow - motherhood
Queen Anne's Lace - femininity
Ranunculus - radiant
Rhododendron - beware or caution
Rose - passion, love, and remembrance
Shamrock - lightheartedness and good luck
Snapdragon - presumptuous
Sunflower - adoration
Sweet Pea - bliss and departure
Tuberose - pleasure
Tulip - perfect love
Verbena -sensibility or "to pray for"
Violet - virtue and affection
Wisteria - welcome and playfulness
Yarrow - good health
Zinnia - lasting affection and daily remembrance

flower tattoo designs
full back lily tattoo design
flower tattoo designs
very nice subtle flower tattoo design

flower tattoo designs
sexy waist flower tattoo design
flower tattoo designs
newly inked hip/lower back flower tattoo design
flower tattoo designs
ankle-foot flower tattoo design
lower back flower tattoo designs
hip flower tattoo design

sexy ankle tattoo design

tattoo designs
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