Monday, October 24, 2011

Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

Cherry blossom tattoo design

The cherry blossom truly is a very sexy, feminine tattoo design, that when inked properly by a talented artist is really very remarkable to look at and admire. You can guarantee that the folks admiring your artwork will initially only see it as sexy artwork, but when you explain its symbolism, the tattoo becomes even that much more sexy and attractive, and makes you a more interesting individual to talk to.

Cherry blossom tattoos are some of the most popular tattoo designs for women today.  There is no question that this design is very eye appealing and very feminine and sexy.

Full back cherry blossom tattoo design

The symbolism of the cherry blossom is very deeply rooted in Asian culture, with varying meanings among the Japanese and Chinese cultures.

In Chinese cultural tradition, the cherry blossom typically represents feminine beauty and sexuality and often holds an idea of power or feminine dominance.  Also in this culture the cherry blossom is a symbol of love.

Japanese cherry blossom tattoo design

The Japanese cultural symbolism is wholly different than the Chinese symbolism, specifically in that the Japanese symbolism has more relevance to the transience of life itself.  The cherry blossom is a very fragile and short lived flower and when associated with the fragility of one's relatively fragile and short life span, we see the significance of the symbolism.

This image was selected here to show that in many cherry blossom tattoo designs you will see the petals falling off, demonstrating its fragile and short-lived existence.

Really, this is all reflective of the notion that we should all celebrate the time we have been given on this earth and live that life to its fullest.

Unfortunately, there is also the realization that the brief existence of the blossoms represent imminent death as well and is not so well likened to a positive outcome.  As in everything, a tattoo design is what the symbolism means to you individually.

Beautifully executed cherry blossom design

Now seems like a good time to bring up the tattoo artist into all of this.  This style of design demands an experienced tattoo artist who is also familiar with the symbolism involved in Asian culture. The design is beautiful, sexy and attractive and the talented, knowledgeable artist will be able to converse with you on a higher plain if you both understand the cherry blossom symbolism.  It is very vital to have a good rapport with your artist so that you get exactly the tattoo design that you had envisioned when you made the decision to get a design inked.
The cherry blossom tree is different from the cherry fruit tree
Sexy foot cherry blossom design

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As the cherry blossoms fall...

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