Thursday, October 20, 2011

Think Before You Ink!

Beautiful flower tattoo design
My friend Julie Villani of Tattoos For Women, sent me this Email recently. I had signed up for her Email newsletter to keep up with what she had going on. Julie is very sharp and has a lot of wisdom to share regarding choosing a tattoo design you wont later regret.

I wrote an article about this same subject just a few days ago that I haven't shared here yet, but I thought Julie's wisdom would do well to preface the upcoming post, "How To Pick A Tattoo Design You Won't Regret."

If I said "tattoos are for life", would you agree?

If you went out and just chose a tattoo on impulse, or worse - price, you may quickly regret getting inked.

It seems crazy to me that some people don't really think much about their body art choice. I mean, it's going to be with you the rest of your life! It's not like make-up you can just wash off at the end of the day, or clothing you can change as fashion changes. It's with you for life!

So you want to make sure that you'll end up with a gorgeous piece of art that you'll always be happy with.

If you've already been inked, I hope you're very happy with your choice.

Having a tattoo can sometimes even change how you feel about yourself - and you want that to be in a good way.

Think about how you might feel about your tattoo into the future. What might it say about you as a mum - or a grandma even? I know it's hard to think that far in advance, but your tattoo's still going to be with you then.

Sexy tattoo design with tremendous symbolism

 Or how about your working life? Who knows what type of work you might want to do in the future. You don't want your tattoo to affect your chances of getting your dream job, when a bit of forward thinking could have you placing your tattoo in a more discreet position.

Another thing I recommend to women is that you think about if for a few weeks. Do your research (read my book :-) ), and if you still want to go ahead, you haven't lost anything, but gained a whole lot of insight.

That way you can be 100% sure it's the right thing for you. You'll be confident about your decision, rather than unsure, or confused, or even scared.

And if you're still not sure, put it off for six months, then come back to the idea and go from there.
After all, you're an adult making this decision. Just ask yourself why you're doing it. Don't let anyone else influence you. If you can't decide, then you're not ready.

When you do decide to get your body art, make sure that you choose the right tattoo for you - one that is meaningful to you, that looks good and is an extension of your character. That way you'll always be happy with your decision.

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Think Before You Ink!