Sunday, October 16, 2011

Japanese Dragon Tattoo Designs

japanese dragon tattoo design
Japanese dragon tattoo design

The attraction of the Japanese dragon tattoo design, apart from its awesome beauty, is that is represents good luck and the source of wealth. The Japanese dragon tattoo has the meaning of freedom and of being fearless, both qualities that are admirable. Some characteristics of a Japanese dragon tattoo are that it doesn’t have any wings, is serpentine, has a head of a camel, paws of a tiger, claws of an eagle, scales of a carp (koi), and can have a jewel under its chin. Tending to be more slender, the Japanese dragon is associated with the sea, the clouds or the heavens. Japanese dragon tattoos have three claws as opposed to the Chinese dragon tattoo design which display five claws.

dragon tattoo designs
Japanese dragon tattoo design on leg
Six forms of the Japanese Dragon:

Sui-Riu – the king dragon said to be the controller of the rain; when in pain, rains red, the color of blood.
Han-Riu – the largest dragon, and has a striped body with nine different colors.
Ri-Riu – this dragon has amazing eyesight and can see for 100 miles.
Ka-Riu – a small dragon, only seven feet long , fiery red in color.
Fuku-Riu – a popular dragon because it is the dragon of good luck.
Hai-Riyo – a dragon bird, it is an advanced dragon form and evolved out of Chinese mythology.

tattoos designs
Women's Japanese dragon tattoo design

Dragons are fascinating creatures, as are most things based in mythology and folklore. When it comes to a dragon tattoo design, your preferences and creativity are at the forefront because there is no concern over making the design look realistic. Japanese dragon tattoos are lively and exciting designs.

Tattoos and body art are very popular ways to express one's individuality and style.  These factors and many others will determine what style of Japanese dragon tattoo design you select to have inked on your body.  Having said that, no matter what tattoo design you are seeking, you need to make sure it is of very high quality and not just one that everybody on the internet is selecting from.  I have reviewed several Japanese tattoo design galleries on the internet and have selected Chopper-Tattoo as among the very elite tattoo galleries.

japanese dragon tattoo designs

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japanese dragon tattoo design

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