Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dragon Tattoo Designs - Part 1

dragan tattoo designs
defending the dragon

"It was said the only way to journey past a dragon was to answer it's riddles."

I had to share my yucks with you.  Honestly, I almost fell out laughing at that statement.

OK..I was researching dragon tattoo designs and came across the above nonsense. Put yourself in this situation..The dragon asks "what color is the moon?"  You say off-white.  The dragon says "no, it's an off-yellow, and since you have failed to answer the riddle correctly, you are looking good for my midnight snack." 

dragon tattoo designs
Lower back dragon tattoo design

A dragon tattoo design symbolizes many different things depending on the culture. For the most part, the dragon tattoo design is symbolic of power, courage, strength, and willpower.

I will expound on this topic more thoroughly in a later post. For now though I had to throw that at ya.

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