Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Designs For Women

lower back tattoo designs
sexy lower back flower tatoo design

A tattoo is a permanent part of a person's body and someone who is bold and daring might want a unique and sexy lower back tattoo design. 20% of women aged 18-50 have a tattoo on their lower back. The lower back is a very curvaceous and sensual part of a woman's body and therefore the lower-back is an excellent location to put a unique and sexy tattoo design, as this can be easily displayed by the style of clothing a woman may choose. In the same manner, this location for a tattoo can be easily hidden for occasions such as work and other formal settings.  As we are well aware of, there is derogatory stigmata attached to a lower back tattoo design which is often labeled a "tramp stamp."

So, is it true that women who wear lower back tattoos are more promiscuous than those without? Sure, some of them.  However, there are no particular studies that bear this rumor as true.  Is a woman who wears a lower cut blouse more promiscuous than a woman who is buttoned all the way up the neck?  NO!!  It's the more modest of women who might surprise you.  That is not to say that it takes a bit of daring to sport a lower back tattoo design.

sexy lower back tattoo designs
angel wing/cross lower back tattoo design

The design to the right here obviously has spiritual considerations to this woman. It would be interesting to find out what this tattoo design is inspired by.

I was introduced to a woman who had a rose/ivy tattoo design on her lower back. Her sister introduced us. This woman had another tattoo on her shoulder blade that was in plain view due to a strappy top she wore that night. I asked about her butterfly tattoo and as we continued talking, she told me she had another tattoo, but she said it was a bit personal and I couldn't see it at that time. Well, long story short, we ended up together for about a year, but I didn't see this rose/ivy tattoo until a couple of dates later..Moral of story?? She wasn't a tramp with a stamp!!  Do not assume because you might make an 'ass' of 'u' and 'me' .  Well, that is how I was taught anyway.  Self confidence is an amazing character trait that we all should strive for.

lower back tattoos
1 Corinthians 13

The lower back is an excellent place to ink a tattoo design because the area is large enough horizontally and vertically that the options in design are virtually endless. Whatever design can be imagined will surely be able to find a home on the lower back.  Make it sharp, cuz it will be there for a while.

I always prefer designs that are well thought out by the wearer/owner and have a story and meaning behind them. This alone makes the artwork tremendously more attractive to the observer because there is an interesting tale to tell.

lower back tattoo designs
This is the spot to research your new tattoo

lower back tattoo designs for women
sexy lower back tribal tatoo design

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lower back tattoo design

There’s a German slang term for lower back tattoos — Arschgeweih — which means “ass antlers”.  This term is probably derived from the fact that these tattoos have a barbed style and look like antlers when they stick out from underneath low-rise jeans or below a crop top, which young ladies seem to favour these days.

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